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Thanks for all the excellent work. – Bob S.

I hired Gary a year ago to help me with recalculations of child support and some other expenses for my children. A lot of people say that when you hire an attorney the only one that wins is the attorney, well not with Gary. He was very reasonable with his retainer fee and efficient with processing all the paper. I was not looking for a big drawn out battle, I just wanted everything to be fair and Gary was great in honoring that. He provided legal recommendations on what I need to insist on and what was not worth the battle. He referred us to an outstanding mediator where we found resolution to our concerns. Thank you Gary! I would highly recommend Gary as a family law attorney. I will be back in a year when it is time to recalculate. – Donna V.

Filing for divorce was the most difficult decision I have ever made in my life. I had been with my now ex-husband for many years. He began taking control of everything, particularly the bank accounts. He let me know that he would make our divorce as difficult as he possibly could. The first attorney that I hired capitalized on my situation, charging me tens of thousands of dollars and allowing my case to drag out for nearly two years. I was frustrated, exhausted, and felt like giving up. This is when I found Gary. Within a couple of short months, Gary had completely gotten a handle on my case, and helped me settle it reasonably without even going to court. He saved me thousands of dollars, and untold amount of stress that I certainly would have faced if I had continued my losing battle with the other attorney. At our very first meeting, Gary calmed my fears and gave me the confidence to get my divorce finalized so that I could put it behind me and move forward with my life. -Anonymous

Go in and meet with him as soon as you can. I know he will do the same for you. I cannot recommend Gary highly enough! – Deena T., Parker, CO

Facing a divorce was the most stressful event in my life. I couldn't think clearly, since my emotions entered every decision. I needed an advocate who was intuitive about my pain and worry; and I needed a lawyer who- in confidence and in private- would be assertive with me, and help me to stay focused. I recommend Gary Nicholas to anyone who is facing the unknown of a life after divorce. Gary is clear-thinking, pragmatic, and eminently capable- his experience speaks for itself. No one should expect miracles in family court, but Gary will be your pathfinder, making sure your rights are protected, and your outcome is fair. – William M., Denver, CO

I have known Gary for many years. I first met him in a very difficult time in my life. My friend recommended him as a trustworthy and respected attorney. She had been frustrated by previous attorneys for her divorce situation and decided to sit in different court rooms to find a good attorney. She listened to quite a few, and was most impressed with Gary! I took her advice and decided to use him as well. I was MORE than pleased and thankful! He will totally support you in your time of need. He is extremely trustworthy, hardworking, focused, and attentive. I was impressed with his knowledge, patience, listening ear, encouraging words, and his calming presence. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needed a trusted friend! He is there for you!!! – Debbie D., Littleton, CO

Kindness goes a long way. Mr. Nicholas did not represent me. He did, however, provide a consultation. [He] took his time with answering my questions. [His] manner was kind and considerate, and not in the least rushed or hurried. He explained ... terminology and procedural steps. ... If I did retain counsel, it would be Mr. Nicholas. Anonymous

Gary did a great job advising me through the CFI process and helped me maintain 90% custody of my son through a difficult child custody case. — Renee

I hired Gary to handle my divorce and child custody case. He walked me through the entire process and answered all my questions along the way. His experience and expertise helped me feel confident with the eventual outcome. If you need legal advice or representation I highly recommend contacting Gary. And, it was a bonus that his fees were very reasonable. — Laurel

Gary was very professional since the first day I went in for a consultation. He had an answer for all my questions and his start-up fee was much lower than other lawyers I talked to. We were able to get through the process pretty quick and without any problems. I really appreciate his interest in my case because it showed that he really cared. I am very happy to finally have full custody of my daughter. Thank you Gary for all the help! — Carlos

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