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Even an amicable divorce is a difficult process for most. Face the challenges with confidence, fully informed on how to protect your long-term interests.

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A Knowledgeable, Caring, Client-Centered Family Law Attorney In Denver

Divorce is not part of the original plan when two people get married. Marital conflicts strike people of all social classes and backgrounds. Many Americans end up in divorce when those conflicts become unmanageable. Legal counsel is important, since the outcomes of a divorce can be very long term.

When divorce is around the corner in your life, it is never too early or too late to get valuable advice and direction about where you are right now. Call or email Nicholas Family Law in Denver to discuss your case and your concerns. Craft a roadmap to a stable future with confidence.

What Happens To The Children When Parents Split Up?

Children of separated or divorcing parents are in a vulnerable position. Colorado state laws hold parents responsible to continue to support them financially and otherwise. Wise parents seek legal counsel for the sake of protecting parental rights. Child custody and child support orders will be included in a divorce decree when applicable. Unmarried parents also need child custody and child support orders. A trustworthy family law attorney is a valuable ally and advocate.

What Can You Do When Domestic Violence Rears Its Ugly Head?

The term "domestic violence" covers a wide range of circumstances, ranging from serious physical harm between spouses or partners to less serious, but also harmful actions. Even a minor incident, in the heat of a domestic altercation, may spur someone to call the police. At that point, what was a private feud becomes a legal matter. Whether you were the one harmed or threatened or the one complaining of abuse, you need legal advice as soon as possible.

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